Healing Through Awareness

Shunia - profound inner silence 

Sat Nam Rasayan - deep relaxation in the awareness of pure consciousness

The art of healing through the practice of stillness and silence is a shift in consciousness.  Allowing resistances within to transform creates change in our lives.  

The practice is done through meditation in a therapeutic setting. The state of Shunia, when held in a space for others to heal, can have a profound effect on elevating suffering, healing physical aliments, and emotional, mental and spiritual disturbances.  

A session lasts 30-40 minutes.

Location for treatments - The Parkway Center 

2345 S. Huron Parkway. Ann Arbor. MI. 48104

Introductory cost for a session: $50

Call or email to schedule an appointment - 734-276-6520 -

I feel so clear-headed and spiritually clear as a result of these SNR exercises, its amazing.
— Eric