What is Kundalini Yoga?

 "The science of reality is to find the sound and to resound in that sound. Then the soul shall excel and God shall dwell within you."

Love without trust does not exist. Love is a strength of trust. Trust is the test of love. When you love, you trust each other. When you don’t, you don’t. Don’t camouflage the word “love” and not trust each other.
Yogi Bhajan 4/5/94

Sat Nam Rasayan - The Art of Healing Through Awareness

The 11 Commandments of the Space Age:

1. Keep your mind, body and soul together.

2. Enjoy time and space.

3. Trust in God.

4. The One who can rotate the Earth for you, can take care of your routine. 

5. Death is nothing but a good sleep.

6. Love is a one-way traffic.

7. The price of life is to keep your ego with you. 

8. Think and believe that you represent your Creator. 

9. Those who have come, shall go.

10. If you are remembered, leave nothing behind but goodness.

11. Know that you are alive. 

- Yogi Bhajan

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