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The Yoga of Sound with Mata Mandir Singh Khalsa

  • Triple Crane Buddhist Monastery 7665 Werkner Road Chelsea, MI, 48118 United States (map)

The Yoga of Sound

Kirtan Concert and Naad Yoga Workshop

with Mata Mandir Singh Khalsa

Naad yoga is the science of how we use our breath of life to create sound and language, & the effects of these on our brain chemistry and the various systems of the body.  Giving us the ability to create healing states of consciousness in the mind & body – an integral experience of holistic human life, to be experienced and understood.

We are super excited to host Mata Mandir Singh in Michigan at the Buddhist Monastery in Chelsea!

Yoga of Sound Concert  

Friday March 29th, 7 - 9:30 pm

$35 adv. / $40 day of

Join us for an evening of music, chanting, meditation and bliss.

Naad Workshop

Saturday March 30th, 8:30 am – 4:30 pm

$108 adv. / $120 after March 28

Aquarian Sadhana with live music

Saturday March 30th, 4:30 - 7 am

Free to attend

Stay at the Monastery for a mini retreat!

Friday night accommodations and Saturday Lunch is available for purchase

Single or double occupancy rooms depending on total registrants

Vegetarian Lunch on Saturday - $15

Lodging - $40

Both Concert and Workshop: $130 adv. / $150 after 3/28

Location: Triple Crane Buddhist Monastery; 7665 Werkner Rd. Chelsea, MI 48118

Contact: Mohinder Singh for questions


Naad Yoga Workshop

Naad Yoga has 4 limbs

1. Science of chanting

2. Science and art of deep listening.

3. Communication

4. Music

Morning Session

Naad Yoga , the Yoga of sound ,is practiced in all spiritual disciplines to elevate the consciousness and awareness of the practitioner. But how does it actually work?

This will be the main focus of the workshop. We will use Sanskrit, Gurmukhi and English mantras.

The class will be a combination of lecture to understand both the science and devotional aspects of chanting as well as some historical perspectives on its practice. We will explore the 8 parts of the body used to create sound and language and how the breath is used in that process. We will also discuss the use of the chakras in chanting and the various ways to make chanting more effective.

The other aspect of the class will be various meditations to experience the above and how mantra and meditation affect the brain chemistry of the human as well as the Vagus nerve and the parasympathetic nervous system. Although the science of Naad Yoga is rooted in the Kundalini Yoga system no prior knowledge of yoga is necessary.

Afternoon session

In the afternoon we will enter into the practice of Suniai or deep listening. Again there will be lecture to understand the mechanics and concept of deep listening and its affects and how we can practice to deepen and improve our listening ability and skills . We will also talk about the Anahad , the un-struck melody of the universe and how it relates to the big bang theory and Yogic Cosmology. Then we will practice very practical meditations to deepen our listening skills. The classes will be interactive with plenty of time for questions and there will be lots of live music and chanting.

For further information, Mata Mandir Singhs music ,and some blog excerpts of the upcoming book "Naad Yoga, The Yoga of Sound Playbook" go to

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Mata Mandir Singh Khalsa is an international teacher of Naad Yoga and Kundalini Yoga, a talented musician, and pioneer of the chant/mantra genre, having recorded over 28 CD and cassette titles spanning from the 1970's to present day.

Mata Mandir is now a featured artist on Invincible Records label, with many new CD albums in progress. He is also author of the forthcoming book, Naad Yoga: The Yoga of Sound Workbook. Read special excerpts from the book in our Book Blog featured on this website.

Mata Mandir continues to teach and play music mantra concerts around North America, Canada, Mexico, Europe and China.

Mata Mandir speaks about Yoga and Sound