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Health Force International cleansing products

March 28 - April 11, 2017

Total Cost for this program is

$350 if paid in full by March 1st

This is 20% below retail costs for these products!  


Payment plan -

$150 non-refundable deposit due March 1st

$400 remainder of balance is due March 15 ($150) and March 28th ($100) 

Refund Policy:

(if paid in full)

$150 deposit is non-refundable

50% refund is available before March 14th

No Refunds are available after March 14th

Click here for information sheet:

For even more information call:

Mohinder Singh at 734-276-6520 or email 

The Yogic Cleanse

Beginning on the New Moon in March we will do a 2 week cleanse that culminates on the Full Moon.  (15 days total) 

Check out the Kriya and Meditation Library page for powerful exercises and breathing techniques you can do to assist you. 

See and experience for yourself the profound benefits of cleansing.

You many experience these benefits*: 

Improved Health

Elimination of Toxins

Improved Meditation practice

Improved Sleep

Improved Digestion

Greater range of motion

Calmer Mind 

Weight Loss

More awareness 

*these benefits have been experience by some and not by others, there is no guarantee you will experience anything 
By nature the month of April, can give you a total new lease, eat light and eat right. In spite of the taxes and cleaning the houses and all other stuff, this is one time that you can give yourself a new sprouting energy.
— Yogi Bhajan 3/25/86
Springtime is when new blood starts coming in. It’s a good time to cleanse. It is written that you cannot be a man of experience unless you cleanse yourself in the spring.
— Yogi Bhajan - Beads of Truth Winter 1992